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Professinal and household chemicals production

The production is situated in Stupino of the Moscow Region, a large industrial center. The plant was founded in 1939. It is considered to be one of the oldest enterprises in the city.

Stupino Chemical Plant is an industrial enterprise which is one of the five largest Russian manufacturers of household chemicals, including transnational companies.

Due to high quality control, our products gained consumers’ hearts and became a winner in industry competitions multiple times.

We are especially proud of the award People's Choice Brand - Brand No. 1 in Russia, which was presented for Sanfor and Sanita brands deservedly in 2020.

In 2021 Roskachestvo awarded Quality Mark to Sanfor.

In 2017 - Product of the Year award.

Facts about us

Stupino Chemical Plant in numbers


million product units per a month


categories of household chemicals


items of household cleaners (SKU)


TMs are produced under private labels


More than 110 awards


The plant is over 80 years old


more than 800 people work at the plant

More facts


No. 5 in the ranking of the largest household chemicals manufacturers presented in the Russian market, including large international companies!


No. 1 in the ranking of manufacturers producing bleaches based on sodium hypochlorite!


No. 3 in the ranking of manufacturers of all-purpose products!

according to the Research Institute for Household Chemistry Rossa, LLC



Stupino Chemical Plant is a full-cycle production: all processes- from formulation development to packaging and label manufacturing - are collected in one area. This feature allows us not to depend on contractors and carry out our obligations towards partners and consumers to the full extent.


We can develop and produce products for partners using their private label (PL), at that we will take upon ourselves registration of all product sale approvals.


The production site unites several divisions - workshops for washing liquids, dry cleaning products, hypochlorite products; a workshop for producing polymer containers, where bottles and caps of various shapes and volumes are manufactured. The plant uses modern European equipment to be replaced every 5 years.


The pride of our plant is its own laboratory, in which new recipes are developed with the assistance of the Research Institute of Household Chemistry, and product tests are carried out. The testing purpose is to make sure that the products do not deteriorate throughout the entire shelf life, bear transportation successfully, and cope with the tasks effectively. All products issued by the plant are undergone an additional test for compliance with OST, TU at the Research Institute for Household Chemistry Rossa and the Research Center Bytkhim.


Warehousing of the enterprise is a complex of ​​25,000 m2 area, having double depth of storage, protected from moisture and temperature changes. It contains 4,000 pallet places for output products, as well as areas intended for storage of raw materials. Automated warehouse management systems are used here: for example, a raw material identification system and a video recording system are implemented to minimize the chance of personnel errors.


Additionally, the plant has its own truck fleet for delivering orders throughout Russia, as well as cooperation with reliable transport companies allows us to send products to the former Soviet Union and beyond.


Another division of the plant is a printing house equipped with Swiss machines. The printing house performs all the prepress preparation of labels necessary for printing launch, using its own resources. The machines work at extremely high capacity and can produce up to 1,600,000 labels per a day.

Sales and Marketing

Stupino Chemical Plant products are represented in more than 65,000 store units in Russia, among which there are shops of over 800 trading networks.

Every 10th family chooses products of Sanfor, Sanita, Bolshaya Stirka and Chistin trademarks for home care in 14 countries of the former Soviet Union and the European Union.

Global trends and changes of consumer demand are constantly monitored in order to create and bring new products to the market successfully.

Even after launch of a new product to the market, we keep on working with it - collect feedback, on the basis of which, if necessary, the packaging and recipe are improved.

Moreover, we constantly work with distributors: the partners of the plant receive comprehensive support and help when resolving any issues related to sale and promotion of the products.


Stupino Chemical Plant produces the following brands of household chemicals:

Sanfor goods
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The Sanfor trademark appeared in 2000. The brand is represented in large federal and regional networks throughout Russia, as well as the CIS countries.

Number of products: 57 SKU

Price range: Mass standard, mass standard plus

Places of application:
  • Bath
  • Pipes
  • Toilet
  • Floor
Sanita goods
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This line of kitchen cleaners includes both mild all-purpose products for everyday cleaning and powerful detergents for stubborn grimes.

Number of products: 32 SKU Price

Price range: Mass standard

Places of application:
  • Bath
  • Pipes
  • Kitchen
Bolshaya Stirka goods
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Bolshaya Stirka

The line of Russian hypoallergenic cost-effective laundry gels, conditioners, spot removers and bleaches, produced under an innovative recipe.

Number of products: SKU Price

Price range: Mass standard plus

Places of application:
  • Laundry
Green Love goods
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Green Love

Eco-friendly cleaning products based on plant ingredients of natural origin. All products are certified and designed for daily cleanliness and hygiene maintenance in the house. Free of chlorine, phosphates, parabens and SLS.

Number of products: 25 SKU

Price range: Average

Places of application:
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Floors
  • Laundry
Chistin goods


The economy segment trademark known for more than 15 years. It includes products in all categories of cleaners and detergents.

Number of products: 20 SKU Price

Price range: Economy Class

Places of application:
  • Hard Surfaces
  • Bath
  • Household Appliances
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Floors
Aroma Drop goods
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Aroma Drop

All-purpose detergents for washing colored and white laundry, replacing two products at once: 2 kg of powder + 1 liter of conditioner. Aroma Drop laundry gels contain an enzyme complex which easily removes difficult spots, refreshes fabric color and prevents pill formation. The product is completely rinsed off and free of phosphates.

Number of products: 4 SKU

Price range: Mass standard

Places of application:
  • Laundry
Effect goods
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The line of professional detergents designed specifically for cleaning business, hotels, restaurants, municipal offices and other public places.

Efficient, cost-effective, all-purpose detergents for professional cleaning with a support and individual customer training system.



JSC Stupinsky Chemical Plant

Property 9/14 Frunze St., Stupino, Moscow Region 142803


+7 (496) 642-13-76

Sales service:

+7 (495) 790 76 45 +7 (495) 790 76 46



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